web application developmentRed Black Tree's developers have been developing rich web applications using the latest technology, and following the latest trends for the last 5+ years. If your business is going to grow beyond your competition, or nothing off the shelf fits quite what you need, our development experts can help. We can develop new applications, tweak existing ones, or help to fix bugs in someone else's code.


Red Black Tree's developers have years of experience developing secure custom applications using the latest PHP technology. Our expertise extends beyond the development to the complete experience,including implementation of complete LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) systems. In the past we have developed complete, custom online applications, user management systems, portals, online payments, dating sites and more. All using the power of PHP.

Development Frameworks

Our goal is to produce reliable, secure and maintainable applications that will last a long time.  Development Frameworks help with this goal by providing a solid and consistent structure for your project.  Although we have experience in a wide variety of frameworks, we focus on Symfony/Doctrine and the Zend Framework to provide you with the most robust development platform.  These frameworks have given us the ability to develop multiple enterprise grade, highly accessible web applications and services in a cost-effective manner.

HTML Web Standards

In the world wide web, reaching the broadest possible audience requires knowing the latest standards. These standards are what allows your clients computer to know what is in your website and help them to paint your website's "picture" consistently and correctly. We are currently working with the HTML 5 but are keeping track of the developments of the next series of standards. We take pride and stride to achieve standards compliance in our web pages, helping you get your message out to the entire world.